For many of us, winter is a time of despair and depression. No matter when anyone asks you when you rode your bike for the last time – it’s been too long ago!

But if you’re man enough to go out in the cold and be creative, there are many more ways to have fun on your bike than you would’ve thought in the first place.


Here are 4 ideas from us that will help you get through the cold time:


 1. Go Street Riding

The dirts are wet and muddy… the skateparks are too slippery… so what else? I bet you will always find a dry, flat ground near you. And that can already be everything you need to have a couple of fun sessions and learn some skills that will improve your overall riding.

Things you can do on flat ground:

  • Work on your Bunny Hops – just set higher and higher goals and sooner or later you can jump over everything you set your mind to. You will also notice your improved Bunny Hop skills the next time you ride jumps, because doing a Bunny-Hop-like movement at the launch of any jump will boost you to the moon! So, get started on the Bunny Hops and the next season’s high jump contests are yours.
  • Try to do some 180s and 360s – if you learn how to do these moves on a flat ground, you’ll be perfectly prepared to send some over jumps. Because the way you spin yourself and your bike around basically stays the same.
  • Learn Manuals or hop around on your rear wheel – balancing it out on only one wheel will give you a better feeling for your bike, and that’s always good! And it will also make learning Tailtaps on quarter pipes much easier.
  • Try some tricks – Yes, you can also do many tricks just in a Bunny Hop. So, don’t be afraid to try some moves. From One Handers and No Footers to even Tailwhips, everything is possible with enough practice!


2. Find Roofed Dirt Spots or Skateparks

If you’re lucky, you’ll find some roofed spots not too far from your where you can ride all year.

Here are some spots around Germany we know of:

Feel free to post your favorite roofed spots in the comments!


3. Spend Some Days at an Indoor Park

You’ve got holidays? Hit up some friends and go for a little trip to an indoor park not too far from you. There are new parks opening every year, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one.

Here are a couple of examples:

Same here – post the spots you know in the comments!


4. Use the Snow

This is very sketchy, but if there’s a lot of snow where you live, you can even make use of that. Find a spot where you can get enough speed and then shape a jump out of snow. With the right technique, you will be able to build rideable jumps. Covering up the kicker with a board, carpet or something similar will help to prevent it from collapsing.

You won’t get quality riding out of these jumps but one thing is for sure – you will have a really fun time with it!


And one thing that you shouldn’t forget when trying any of these ideas­ – warm up before you ride! – This is even more important in winter than it is in summer and it will help you avoid annoying little muscle injuries.



– Cover photo by Louis Schmidt

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